World’s Best Whole Foods: Bryant Park


If you live in NYC, you probably know that the literal best Whole Foods Market just opened in Bryant Park. It opened in the best Bryant Park location you could have…with views from its sit-down raw bar restaurant…yes, you read that correctly, RAW  BAR RESTAURANT…overlooking the park. Since I already mentioned the glorious-amazing-ridiculous-in-a-good-way raw bar restaurant, I’ll start there. If you don’t care about NYC or Whole Foods or raw bars, well, it sucks to suck. I went to the raw bar for lunch on a Thursday around 12:45 pm, and, boy was it crowded. But, we were able to be seated at the restaurant immediately, so that was nice. We ordered oysters to start. The oysters were very fresh and quite delicious. It did not feel like we were eating raw oysters at a grocery store…at all. Not trying to sound elitist if you like to eat at grocery stores and stuff but like really? 

Here are the aforementioned wonderful and fresh oysters. Oh yeah, we got shrimp too. Winning.  YASSS Whole Foods Bryant Park



Continuing on… you don’t want to miss this…to lobster rolls! Wicked awesome!

The lobster roll was incredible. All three of us ordered lobster rolls. It was even better than the lobster rolls I had on the Cape (Cod) a few months ago. Sorry, Massholes…don’t kill me…or send Whitey Bulger to get me. Or like you can send Mark Wahlberg…that is fine. FINE. Anyways…the lobster was so fresh and tasty and the lobster roll had big chunks of meat. Word choice? Oops. The amount of mayo used was legitimate and appropriate enough that New Yorkers won’t complain or have to take 2 classes at Equinox immediately following consumption.

Here is the epic lobster roll…from Whole Foods…can you believe it?

img_4942 Moving on…even though the lobster roll was truly amazing. Here are some highlights from the actual Whole Foods Market store. There’s an out-of-this-world cheese section, there’s a produce butcher that will chop your veggies for you…there’s a fresh tahini and halva cart and a sesame pastry cart…there’s a beautiful espresso bar…there’s an entire beauty product store basically…you get the picture…Bryant Park Whole Foods rocks. Here are some photos of the highlights. If you haven’t checked out this new Whole Foods, you should probably run, don’t walk (cuz you’ll get trampled by all the suits in midtown) on over to this wonderful place.