Scrumptious Sushi in Chicago’s Wicker Park


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I truly adore sushi. So, when my friend I was staying with in Chicago asked if I would mind changing our plans from a gastropub type place to sushi, obviously I said I didn’t mind in the slightest. Sushi is to my happiness as an unorganized pantry is to an OCD person. Sushi makes me happy. OCD people are happy when they get to organize shit. I prefer to eat, drink, and be merry. (sushi being the eat of choice more often than not)

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Sushi is honestly one of the best things to come out of Japan. Thank the heavens we became best friends with the Japanese and adopted cultural components from them and allowed Japanese immigrants to come to the U.S. – enter sushi.

Anyhow – I won’t go on to discuss how awesome the Japanese are and how awesome Japan (side note: I am dying to travel to Japan) – this post is about sushi. And sushi shall be discussed.

I have been to Chicago a bunch in the last few years but until this past trip I hadn’t been to Wicker Park. Yes – that is also a movie. 

I love Wicker Park. What a wonderful neighborhood! And Wicker Park also has the best donuts and tacos – need I say more?! STAY TUNED FOR DONUT AND TACO POSTS 🙂

But if you want your mouth to start watering right now you should check out my sushi photos from dining at Mirai in Wicker Park. 

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SAKE SAKE SAKE – no – this place DOES NOT endorse sake bombs. But their sake is the bomb. 


Sushi in a Shopping Center Never Tasted So Good: Kazu


Ever eat sushi in a shopping center? Are you a fan of eating at restaurants in shopping centers?

Generally speaking I am not a fan of eating in shopping centers because, well, I feel that they are meant for SHOPPING.

But, when the food is quality and the ambience transports to someplace so much better than a strip mall setting, you really can’t complain.

AND – you definitely shouldn’t complain when the sushi looks like this: Image

KAZU RESTAURANT is where it’s at…this place will rock your socks off! Having lived in DC, NYC, and Dallas which play host to amazing sushi like Kaz, Nobu, Bond St and more, I am pretty picky about my sushi. I also grew up in Jacksonville which does not play host to wonderful sushi – besides Kazu. If you just give this place a shot despite it being in a strip center, you will be incredibly pleased and you may overindulge. Kazu has a wonderful interior with a clean aesthetic. They have a beautiful sushi bar and the place is meticulously clean and organized. White leather interior. SO Miami Vice. But I won’t complain.

You’re so sushi. Don’t deny it.

and if you don’t like sushi well I don’t know where to start…

Feast your eyes on the below pic of the Florida Sunshine Roll #appropriatename 

yes that’s mango!

Florida Sunrise roll