Truffles are a foodie’s best friend


Wild about wild mushrooms? Black truffles, white truffles, truffle oil make your mouth water? Well the seasonal addition to the menu at Restaurant Medure is the fix that all you truffle addicts need. Truffles really are magic mushrooms…the legal kind. On the current menu at Medure there is a section solely dedicated to- you guessed it – TRUFFLES. If you are reading this post and don’t like truffles, well, I know for a fact I could change your mind – but – this whole post is not solely dedicated to the magic mushroom species. The truffle section on the menu at Medure is divine. I would’ve ordered all of the items on it…But there is only so much room in your stomach (and daily caloric intake…if you’re counting). 

My dining companions and I decided to start with something from the expialidocious truffle section. We basically inhaled the mushroom black truffle and arugula tart. It tasted so good that I’m pretty sure I looked like Augustus Gloop scarfing down all that chocolate in Willy Wonka. 

photo (1)the magical mushroom and black truffle tart 

We also shared the beet and goat cheese salad as another appetizer. It’s pretty hard to mess up a beet and goat cheese salad, but the dressing was unique and made the dish tastier than most beet and goat cheese salads. Had to get some greens in there – eat your vegetables! 

We all enjoyed different libations while we waited for our main course. I enjoyed a moscow mule and it was pretty basic but good. Probably how Sochi will be described – on a good day.One of my dining companions guzzled down a peach whiskey drink that was pretty original. Note: be careful when drinking a sweet whiskey drink – you are at your own risk of hangover.

Onto the main courses. These were exceptional. First – my entree was absolutely delectable…and it was a chicken dish. I never, I mean NEVER, order the chicken dish when I am at a gourmet restaurant. But, this was one special chicken dish. This dish included just about everything that I like – yes truffles included. The dish was prosciutto topped farm fresh chicken with mushroom bread pudding and truffle spaghetti squash. I never want to have bread pudding as a dessert anymore – I’d rather have the mushroom bread pudding for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The chicken was very flavorful and the truffle spaghetti squash was the best thing since sliced bread…no carbs, I’m ok with that. 

unnamedprosciutto-topped chicken, mushroom bread pudding and spaghetti squash

My two dining companions both ordered the same thing to avoid getting order envyIt is serious business. They had the flounder francaise with whipped potatoes and feta cheese. I tasted it and loved it. Potatoes and feta cheese – for the meat and potatoes meets Greek goddess in all of us. photoflounder francaise with whipped potatoes and feta

We were dining on my friend’s birthday, so dessert was to be had by all…and it was pretty awesome.

Can you say flourless chocolate cake with kettle corn? 

photo (2)

AND last but not least – Cheesecake with raspberry sauce in a mousse-like preparation – #winning 

unnamed (1)

Cruisers Grill: You won’t have to tell me twice to “eat more chicken” (chunks that is)


So – I have been to two popular locations of this indescribably good local spot. Cruisers Grill is everything you want  – and more – from your local casual burger-and-fries-joint that is a step above fast food. Even though they are famous for their burger, which has been around long before the gourmet burger trend took hold in our lives, their chicken is stupefyingly good. Marinated chicken chunks. These three words are really all you need to know when ordering at Cruisers – in my opinion. Imagemy awesome lunch – marinated chicken chunks and ranch

OK – so I lied. There is one REALLY important word you also need to utter at Cruisers. I mean this word is almost as important to your well-being as the word Expelliarmus is to Harry Potter’s life. Are you ready for it…RANCH…and not just the Hidden Valley or Kraft mediocre chemical filled kind. Cruisers’ ranch dressing is homemade and is pretty much everything I’ve ever wanted from ranch…which is alot. This buttermilk ranch will knock your socks off. You also will devour it quicker than Leo DiCaprio downs Quaaludes in The Wolf of Wall Street. Honestly it is some amazing ranch dressing. We all know Jonah Hill would drown all of his food in it…and then have Leo save his life when he chokes. Sorry for all the “Wolf of Wall Street” talk but that scene is just so incredible. 


Anyways if you are ever in Northeast Florida,  specifically Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach or St. Augustine, you should do yourself a favor and go grab some marinated chicken chunks…and ranch and bask in all its glory. Be careful though, you might just addicted. And if you are a vegetarian – well I really don’t know what to tell you – oh wait – one more word: CHEESE FRIES. I think that says it all.  Also the Tootsie Pops they give you with your meal make our inner child happy. But only the red flavors since I’m 5 at heart. Image