The Verdict: Donuts are the New Cupcakes


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SO – Donuts are everywhere. Really donuts are all over the blog-o-sphere, all over Instagram, Facebook, everywhere! They are invading the Internet more than Kim Kardashian’s booty – which means they are truly all over the place.

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Moving on. I would be much happier if donuts “break the internet” rather than Kim Kardashian’s magazine cover.

Donuts are all the rage right now. I think I made that point clear. So to take on this donut trend and see what people really are talking about, I went to Stan’s Donuts in Wicker Park in Chicago.


“Stan’s is famous” my friends told me when I was visiting them in Chicago at the end of a work trip.

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So, after eating Chicago’s most famous tacos at Blue Star in Wicker Park (honestly on a side note Big Star tacos were probably the best I’ve had – or I was just hungry and cold) my friends and I popped into Stan’s on our walk home. But, no I didn’t get to try Stan’s, the best donuts, after eating the best tacos. They were sold out of the gluten free donut that night…gasp! How could they do such a thing!


Well it just so happens that we went back to Wicker Park the next night for sushi dinner at Mirai, and we decided to give Stan’s another chance – it was Halloween after all, so they definitely couldn’t sell out of the gluten free donuts on Halloween. And they didn’t! And all my wishes came true!

I tried the gluten free donut of the day and it was so good and it didn’t even have chocolate in it…normally I would consider this donut blasphemy, but I didn’t even miss the chocolate. The old-fashioned pistachio lemon glutenless donut was incredibly satisfying. I mean post-sushi glory at its finest? YES.

unnamed (2)My friends are proud gluten eaters so obviously they went for the peanut butter pocket chocolate donut and the nutella chocolate pocket donut. I even had to have a bite of the peanut butter one – at the risk of getting sick from the gluten – since I knew we were just going to be lounging on the couch after…let me tell you I was NOT disappointed. unnamed (3)

A Vegan, Gluten Free, Almost Too Healthy Heaven in Philly



Pardon the delay in writing this post. I couldn’t let this one get away but not only did I visit this place once on my 2.5 day jaunt to Philadelphia to visit a friend, but twice. As a gluten free member of society, P.S. & Co. rocks my socks off. Some gluten free members of society are truly terrible, but I assure you that I am not one of those people…think of me as Zooey Deschanel of gluten free living – strolling gleefully through gluten free life and not forcing my gluten free eating on others. 


Anyways…. P.S. & Co. is an amazing little cafe meets grab-on-the-go bakery right near Rittenhouse Square in Philly. My friends that I was in Philly with – one of them lives there currently – love to do what we call “shop and bop”. So P.S. & Co. fit perfectly in the “shop and bop” plans. After a nice long day of walking to the Philadelphia Art Museum and getting our inner nerds on, and then walking all the way back to Rittenhouse, it was time for an early dinner and snack pick-me-ups before our night party plans.


Everything – absolutely everything – in P.S. & Co. is gluten free. And none for Gretchen Weiners. Rejoice. To see all the healthy snacks and amazing gfree and vegan sweets we ate, see below images with descriptions:

IMG_8719Seriously such good sweets. The cookie is a snickerdoodle sandwich of peanut butter and snickerdoodle cookies with sea salt on top and salted caramel in the middle. BOOM. DECADENT. The macaroon next to it is a spicy Mexican chocolate coconut macaroon. Arriba, abajo…gimme this now. 

IMG_8718Wonderful vegetable nori roll – WASABI puh-lease 🙂

IMG_8715Ingredients (100% organic): Lime, mint, lemongrass, spring/filtered water

Juice plus my favorite flower = happiness in an urban cafe


Batter Bowl Bakery…the best thing since sliced bread




Washington D.C.’s H Street Corridor has seen some major changes over the years. One welcome addition to the neighborhood is definitely Batter Bowl BakeryI know, I know…every newly gentrified neighborhood has some sort of hip new bakery. But, this place is more than that. Honestly, even despite the hipsters that flock here, and whether or not you’re 22 and dress up like hipsters, the pastries are pretty freakin’ tasty. 


Ever have a little too much fun on a Saturday night? If your answer is no…you are lying. When you wake up on Sunday morning after that “too much fun Saturday night”, you really just need one thing. The breakfast sandwich. Behold – the mighty breakfast sandwich is here for you when you need it. So I walked over to Batter Bowl Bakery (alliteration much?) from my friend’s apartment a few blocks away. I had just a little too much fun on Saturday at the Virginia Gold Cup steeplechase and a fun night out in the district. We were saved on our Sunday morning stroll over to Batter Bowl Bakery. Not only did we get the mighty breakfast sandwich on the best croissant ever, but we also had chocolate croissants that were buttery and flaky and perfect. All in all Batter Bowl came to the rescue and did not disappoint.


The pain au chocolat was so good that it was ALMOST like being in France. Even though we were in fact in the nation’s capital, we were instantly transported to a parisian patisserie. Vive la France! 



Get Baked! and Wired…


BAKED & WIRED – A DC institution. With witty names for scrumptious cupcakes. And so much more.



Baked & Wired is my favorite bake shop in DC and very high on my list of best bakeries in the country. Sorry to all my readers but Georgetown Cupcake does not hold a candle to Baked & Wired. Stop trying to make fetch happen Georgetown Cupcake…it’s never going to happen. Ok so there’s a whole television show dedicated to DC Cupcake Wars but really I don’t feel that there is a war or even a battle over cupcakes in DC because anyone who has lived in the district or knows what’s up in the slightest knows that Baked & Wired is where it’s at – but really…


I went to college in DC, and on my Saturday jaunts to Georgetown to “shop-and-bop”, I most definitely found myself at Baked & Wired and my friends and I didn’t even consider going to Sprinkles or Georgetown Cupcake. I really don’t hate Georgetown Cupcake but Baked & Wired is to Georgetown Cupcake as Cake is to Salad in my opinion. Does anyone craving yummy cake even consider eating a salad instead? I don’t think so. 

ImageThe Tessita Named after the owner’s daughter. Vanilla Cake with dulce de leche filling and chocolate-hazelnut satin icing.

NOW – onto the cupcakes… they really are THAT good. They actually call them cakecups at Baked & Wired and I think this is fitting since the fluffy delectable bundles of sweet joy that so closely resemble cupcakes are really so much better that they deserve a different name.




Pretty Bitchin’ – Chocolate cake with a crunchy peanut butter frosting 

So go on and GET BAKED… and don’t forget to get wired too, the coffee bar is great! VIsit Baked & Wired at :

1052 Thomas Jefferson St NW, Washington, DC 20007
(202) 333-2500