An East Coaster on Mountain Time


Fellow foodies: All hail the food scene in Vail.

I just returned from a two-week trip in the mountains of Vail Valley in Colorado. Let me tell you, the food did not disappoint. 

A particular meal that markquinoa cupsed the closing of our trip really made our mouths water. Terra Bistro, a local favorite, located in the Vail Mountain Lodge, was a delight. I was pleasantly surprised by the gluten-free crisps and Indian lentil and split pea spread that came in place of bread of butter at the beginning of the meal. This spread was succulent. Yes. Succulent. You heard that right, a dip was succulent. I found a similar recipe for this dip online at Epicurious – see Indian Lentil and Split Pea Spread on their site. OK- back to Terra Bistro and the bombastic flavor attack of my meal in Vail.

The Georges Bank Diver Scallops – let me tell you about these diver scallops – there are diver scallops and then there are diver scallops. The scallops were porcini and chili crusted, and accompanied by an out-of-this-world bacon jam and a cinnamon, nutmeg, butternut squash puree.

Terra Bistro is a natural restaurant – blah blah – using 85% to 100% certified organic ingredients. Whatever – that is all fine and good – but the food rocks. Being a natural, humane, clean-eating restaurant and all, Terra Bistro has some wonderfully healthy dishes that are also tasty. Phew, thank the organic gods the food tastes good. So onto this healthy food emphasis…

An appetizer that stood out, especially for my pseudo-vegan-pescatarian-whatchamacallit dining companion, was the quinoa lettuce cup dish. This tasty appetizer included house sprouted quinoa with organic red butter head lettuce cups, avocado, balsamic macerated tomatoes, and basil aioli.

So, in summary, this East Coaster was pleased.

Instructions for eating here in Vail: Eat. Ski. Repeat.