Cosme NYC Round 2 – AY DIOS MIO


img_4081Do you think all Mexican food is created equal? It’s not. Enrique Olvera’s Mexican food is  above the rest. It’s a fact. His first restaurant in the U.S. is Cosme in NYC in the Flatiron district. I went to Cosme for the first time shortly after it opened. It was delicious then, but I remembered the drinks more than the food. A few months later, when in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, I went to Enrique Olvera’s restaurant called Manta. All of the food was very tasty and the seafood was particularly memorable. The same group of people that dined with me at Manta were joining me on a trip to NYC recently, so we decided to go to Cosme for dinner. It did take a while to get seated, but Cosme and is a hot spot and it doesn’t help that the Obamas just dined there during the UN week in September. We quickly ordered a dish we had seen on a table in the bar at the front of the restaurant. It was probably the best dish. I could eat the “Tlayuda” dish every day of the week. It was so freaking good…like I feel like I am living in Oaxaca and never leaving good. The “Tlayuda” consisted of black beans, chorizo, avocado, stracciatella cheese, and salsa borracha on the side. Imagine a glorious pizza made of blue corn tostadas covered with all the best Mexican ingredients. Here’s a picture of this wonderful dish that is kinda like better than pizza. Gasp! Let’s see what else was definitivamente delicioso….img_4119

So remember how I mentioned that I remembered the drinks at Cosme the first time I went? Well this time the drinks were still good…maybe even better since I tried the Cosme version of one of my favorite cocktails in general. If you like Paloma cocktails then you should run don’t walk to Cosme. The Paloma at Cosme is happiness in a glass…a glass filled with house-made grapefruit syrup…and perfectly shaped large ice cube rocks…and a salt rim. This Paloma is so tasty that it would make Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera forget they ever fought and got divorced. Anyways…back to the food. Poached lobster anyone? Want to taste the butter in the lobster dish? You can at Cosme. The buttery dish included lobster, shiso, ginger mojo,  and brown butter. Ginger and butter are two of my favorite things, so clearly “the hills were alive” in my tastebuds while eating this dish. What makes Cosme, a Mexican restaurant, score major points? Um…just the fact they have their own version of burrata on the menu. Casual. The burrata dish had its own Mexican flare with Epazote, a strong Mexican herb added to it. Oh ya…back to that Paloma that I mentioned before…here’s a visual of the glorious cocktail…


Still with me? Wanna see a pic of that aformentioned buttery, ginergy poached lobster? 

Here ya go…eastcoastfoodblogger out!

Hope you aren’t craving Mexican food too much now! I lied actually…scroll down for more after you gaze into the foam on that lobster dish! 











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