Charcuterie,Pasta,Vino & Vesuvio…Volcano Lunch



Ever think about having lunch next to an active volcano? I mean it hasn’t had a big eruption since 1944…but it is still like super active, OK? You can literally see Mount Vesuvius throughout the whole Amalfi Coast. Our driver and guide kept calling it “The Big Barbecue” in his broken, hilarious, inappropriate-but-not-on-purpose English skills. Anyway we had him from the time he picked us up at the airport to take us to our hotel and on the drive from Naples airport he talked…a lot a lot a lot…but the best thing to come out of his mouth was, “Want to eat lunch next to the volcano at a vineyard and drink a lot of wine produced there?” Oh yes, oh yes, we said, yes please. Grazie, prego, per favore, we want to go, thanks! Ok now onto the wine and food. First of all we had two men in our group and guess which wine they liked as much as the women did? The white wine! It has a quite interesting name “lacryma christi” but it is delightful. Here is some info on lacryma christi. The vineyard we went to was Cantina del Vesuvio. We toured the vineyard with the main manager who is the owner’s partner and she was smart and funny and made our visit great. I mean how could you not enjoy yourself drinking wine all day and eating fresh pasta and aged provolone?!?! IMG_3590NOW…FOOD FOOD FOOD. SO MUCH FOOD. They sure do want you to get your money’s worth and it is honestly hard to stop eating all the delicious food. The charcuterie and provolone to start were amazing beginnings to the meal. The rosso red wine was also very good as well as the rose. But again…the white wine rocked. They give you a giant platter of fresh homemade spaghetti that has a strong aroma of basil and it was insanely delicious even for the gluten free in me. I took pills…pills! Gluten free pills exist! What is this time that we live in! Ok so enough about me. The meat, the cheese, the wine, the ambience sitting next to the volcano. The dessert was also spectacular. LA BELLA VITA IS THE NAME OF THE GAME!FullSizeRender (10)



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