Manta…Cabo San Lucas…Delicioso.


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There is a brand new Thompson Hotel (the decor rocks by the way and the entire lobby is open-air overlooking the ocean), called The Cape, in Cabo San Lucas. I didn’t stay at the Thompson, I stayed at the One&Only Palmilla that truly is a one and only experience, but I wanted to try the food at the Thompson since I heard it Enrique Olvera’s place. Mexican food is good all around, ranging from street food to the more gourmet…I like it all. If you have not heard of Enrique Olvera you could think of him as Mexico’s Daniel Boulud…Mexico’s Eric Ripert…Mexico’s…you get it. Olvera’s Mexico City restaurant is a top 20 restaurant in the world. So, when I was making my first trip to Los Cabos, and I found out there was a new Enrique Olvera spot, I had to try it. The views are of the famous rock arches that are in the shiny Cortez Sea. Good views, good food. Happiness.

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Chef Alex Branch and Yours Truly

You feel as if you are almost in the sea when sit in restaurant Manta due to the large floor to ceiling glass windows and the perfect location overlooking the arches.

IMG_3039 2Beautiful view even with the evening storm…

Anyways…the food…was very good. It had a Mexican flare but it was truly fusion. Mixing modern Mexican with traditional Japanese flavors really hits the spot. And Chef Alex Branch at Manta does this well. Seafood tostadas. Sashimi with avocado. Miso fish tacos. Do I need to go on? Let’s give you some visuals and specifics.

What We Ate (in addition to the miso fish tacos in the photo on top of page) :

A little starter action…chicken chicharron (aka chicken rind)

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Tostada de Mariscos, Pico de Gallo de Pepino

Seafood Tostada, Cucumber Pico de Gallo


Chile Relleno de Camarón en Salsa Verde

Shrimp and Salsa Verde Stuffed Chile

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Ensalada de Aguacate Tatemado, Lechugas y Rábano con Adere zo de Ajonjolí

Charred Avocado, Radish, Greens and Sesame Seed Dressing

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Pollo Orgánico Frito con Ensaladay Salsa de Ajonjolí-Tamarindo

Organic Fried Chicken with Salad and Tamarind-Sesame Sauce

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