California Sucks Don’t Come



So apparently there is a hashtag used by many people in San Francisco,where I just visited, that says #californiasucksdontcome.

I think I get it. Obviously they don’t mean it sucks…because it REALLY doesn’t. You know what else doesn’t suck? The food in San Francisco. Let me tell you a little story….about how good the food is in San Francisco. This isn’t really breaking news, because I have known the food in San Francisco has been regarded for some time, with places like The French Laundry and Bouchon Bakery and The Slanted Door and so on.

But, like, everywhere is good. Even the sushi spot you can stroll into at 9:30 pm with no frills decor tastes as good as Nobu if not better. I’ll talk about how good that sushi meal at 9:30 pm was later, but for now I want to talk about how this food festival really kicked the crap out of any food festivals on the east coast.

How, you say? Well think about this…no humidity, a beautiful sunny day (a little fog) with a breeze, tons of vendors who use fresh ingredients and have something for everyone despite food allergies, the Pacific Ocean, the laid-back attitude of all the locals…what is there to not like about all of that.

I was describing the Off the Grid: Picnic at the Presidio festival. Off the Grid does various food truck and tent vendor festivals, but this one is located in the Presidio, with a large field and views of the Pacific. The Presidio used to be a military base…so obviously let’s repurpose it for a lawn party filled with food…and booze. Ok, I think you get the point. California DOES NOT suck and I guess you can come…you’ll have to take that up with the hashtaggers. Here’s some evidence that California (well San Francisco in particular because, well, LA is…LA) does not suck and their food definitely is not in the suck category one bit.

IMG_1577 THIS VIEW DOESN’T SUCK NOW DOES IT? and like 72 degrees 


This paella from Nora’s tent was like…almost as good as being back in Spain…almost. 

IMG_1581 Moscow Mule. Hit the spot. This place , Rye on the Road, sets up mobile bars wherever they are needed.


FALAFEL FUN –  My friend and I split this. I’m not supposed to eat pita bread because of the gluten, but luckily the gluten police gave me a free pass since pita bread doesn’t have preservatives.


So when my friends were eating pizza that I couldn’t eat because of the gluten (I just can’t risk it with pizza) guess what I did instead? I ventured off and discovered some sweets! A whole tent vendor obsessed with bacon and chocolate. GIMME.

This is bourbon bacon rocky road…ya…


NOSH THIS is a perfect name for a sweet shop that makes variations of chocolate candies with bacon, among other kinds of candy.

IMG_1582 (1)

That’s right. Bacon Crack. Good thing I don’t live in California. I’d get addicted to Bacon Crack. I haven’t tried actual crack but I bet this is better. Also the salted caramel. CANNOT EVEN WITH THAT


FullSizeRender (4)


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