Little Goat Could Be A Reason Chicago is My Kind of Town (and everybody else’s)



So you know how Vesper tells James Bond in Casino Royale that “there are dinner jackets and then there ARE dinner jackets”… well if you don’t get the reference I forgive you, but I have that movie memorized due to the multiple viewings and staring at Daniel Craig sessions…I digress. Anyway what she means is that not all dinner jackets are the same. So when it comes to describing Little Goat Diner…there are diners, and then there are diners…and drive-ins and dives? No – sorry Guy Fieri – your show is just meh to me – you will never be Bourdain – and that NYT review of your Times Square restaurant..I can’t even. 

Now onto Little Goat. So, after a night of debaucherous halloween activity at a costume party with a DJ…well basically a grown up bar mitzvah if we’re being honest…what do you want to eat after this long night? You might be thinking bagel sandwich…which is NOT what I ordered at Little Goat. 

But, my dining companions and food guides to Chicago decided we needed to try a little bit of everything, and while bagel sandwich was not on the list of what we got, one amazing sandwich was, along with a whole lot more.  EXHIBIT A:


The sandwich in that cluster of food heaven of a photo is a reuben complete with kimchi inside…I took a bite despite my sensitivity to gluten and I was not disappointed…thank god for peer pressure making me eat gluten. (Hey, a bite here and there for taste won’t kill me but literally I only have a bite) 

So what did this gluten-intolerant/sensitive/annoying eater order – only the most gloriously unexpected amazing hangover food…wait for it…SHRIMP AND GRITS! It truly amazes me that I did not discover my love of grits until I went to college and left the “south”. Here are the most amazing shrimp and grits, and totally different than what most expect…no cheese to be found!


Little Goat packs a whole lotta punch in the flavorful food which is a mix of sweet and savory. On a side note I really love that they call one section of the brunch menu “Cereal Killers” because, like, cereal is so 1999 back in the days of high fructose corn syrup. A bunch of details in this West Loop eatery make it special, but the rude staff at the front are not that pleasant. But, hey, if I had a ton of hungover millennials coming in at the same time demanding a table or sighing when I have to add them to the list, I’d be a little high and mighty too. On the bright side, despite long wait times at Little Goat, the area surrounding the eatery is quaint and the ambience inside and at the Little Goat Bakery next door are wonderful spots to kill time. Even jaunts around West Loop in freezing temps while waiting make that first bite of the reuben worth it. IMG_9324



820 West Randolph Street
Chicago, IL
(312) 888-3455