Gluten Free Granola Gluttony


So as you know by now – I have gone gluten free. I know, I know, so many people are into this right now…kids these days. But I really have a medical issue with gluten (not a celiac but a sensitivity) so you can’t do any of the following if this is your first time learning this fact 1. eye roll 2. gasp 3. unfollow blog 4. say something under your breath about gluten free people…I will find out. 

OK – let’s get back to it then, granola gluttony is kind of a problem for me. Relax all you Michelle Obama lovers out there with her healthy eating campaign…I don’t mean actual gluttony…just like a healthy relationship with gluten free granola that can sometimes seem gluttonous. 

My favorite ways to eat granola include with a scoop of peanut butter or almond butter (currently obsessed with barney butter) but I also like granola (if it is actually good granola) by itself.

Certain granolas taste best with almond milk – I prefer unsweetened vanilla almond milk and normally buy Blue Diamond brand. Right now I am really into a new gfree granola Kind Raspberry Clusters with Chia…so tasty! The almond milk combo is pretty gush-worthy.  Especially since a bunch of the gluten free granolas out there are so, well, free…of everything – including flavor.  Here’s my current gluttonous obsession granola wise: