The Best Birthday Dinner (and friends) That Anyone Could Have…Yes That’s From The Hangover


So, I entered the quote/unquote real world on Tuesday. My launch into adulthood (Kidding, I have been an adult since I was 18, right?) was pretty wonderful seeing as I ended my 26th birthday surrounded by some pretty cool people, eating some pretty tasty food. And of course we started off with some “adult beverages”. After all, I am now a full grown, completely self-sufficient, most responsible adult now…as Cher from Clueless likes to say…As If. 


We dined at Moxie Kitchen and Cocktails, the highly anticipated Tom Gray restaurant that is hit and miss according to many.

I really only have good experiences here, so I cannot complain.

Hence – I chose Moxie for my birthday dinner location. And it was incredibly lovely. I mean, it is pretty hard to go wrong with scallops on top of cheese grits in a lobster bisque reduction. But really, if what I just described sounds bad to you, then please, stop following this blog. 

We started with deviled eggs. But not just any deviled eggs. A group of chicken-topped, red pepper-topped, smoked salmon and dill topped, and BLT topped deviled eggs. Truly devilish. 


OH – you want to see a photo of those scallops I described? Well, here you go. And again, if these don’t sound appealing to you…then well “I can’t”…I mean because I ate every. single. bite. of these. 


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