Batter Bowl Bakery…the best thing since sliced bread




Washington D.C.’s H Street Corridor has seen some major changes over the years. One welcome addition to the neighborhood is definitely Batter Bowl BakeryI know, I know…every newly gentrified neighborhood has some sort of hip new bakery. But, this place is more than that. Honestly, even despite the hipsters that flock here, and whether or not you’re 22 and dress up like hipsters, the pastries are pretty freakin’ tasty. 


Ever have a little too much fun on a Saturday night? If your answer is no…you are lying. When you wake up on Sunday morning after that “too much fun Saturday night”, you really just need one thing. The breakfast sandwich. Behold – the mighty breakfast sandwich is here for you when you need it. So I walked over to Batter Bowl Bakery (alliteration much?) from my friend’s apartment a few blocks away. I had just a little too much fun on Saturday at the Virginia Gold Cup steeplechase and a fun night out in the district. We were saved on our Sunday morning stroll over to Batter Bowl Bakery. Not only did we get the mighty breakfast sandwich on the best croissant ever, but we also had chocolate croissants that were buttery and flaky and perfect. All in all Batter Bowl came to the rescue and did not disappoint.


The pain au chocolat was so good that it was ALMOST like being in France. Even though we were in fact in the nation’s capital, we were instantly transported to a parisian patisserie. Vive la France! 



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