Dallas Design District Gem: Meddlesome Moth


Easter brunch. Generally has some major shoes to fill from the previous year’s brunch. My last few Easter brunches have ranged from oceanside at Laguna Niguel to wonderful country club brunch in Florida. But honestly I think this year’s brunch might win the award for overall best. The vibe was relaxed but still formal enough for Easter. They played awesome music throughout the restaurant, ranging from Motown to Funk. And, how could I forget, the food…it was the icing on the cake. Literally. Well, not literally, but figuratively. Wait did we have cake? Ate so much I can’t remember. Michelle Obama would be pissed. Let’s Move was not the motto for Easter Brunch. Sorry, FLOTUS.


So for Easter I had Easter Eggs – I actually just decided to call them my Easter Eggs but they are on the regular brunch menu and these Eggs Creole are outta this world. First of all it is really frustrating when people don’t serve you the perfectly poached eggs that you ordered. But, guess what, Meddlesome Moth got it right! Thank the sweet baby jesus. (Easter appropriate? I think so)  The Eggs Creole had amazing breakfast potatoes to boot. And the crawfish felt like it was straight outta the bayou. So fresh and so good. To top it all off the eggs were served on buttermilk biscuits. Let’s just say that after eating all of that I was pretty happy it was a day of rest. #indulgent


My dining companions loved their food too. Fried chicken with jalapeno grits anyone?  WWJD? Jesus would order this for sure. I mean it is called the “Mother & Child Reunion” but it actually is…see the menu here if you don’t believe me.


Also – the drinks – were legit. I had organic Sam Smith cider from the UK. But, if you aren’t into cider – which a lot of people aren’t – guess what you can order? 40 different beers on draft, more than 85 by the bottle, and you know what else? Bloody Marys that come with a beer tasting of your choice. BOOM. Meddlesome Moth wins for Best Easter Brunch I Have Had So Far. #rejoice 

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