Beverly Hills (Cheese Store)…That’s where I want to be!


The beautiful setting for my March 7th jaunt to Beverly Hills: ImageBeverly Gardens Park

The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills is a must see spot for anyone visiting LA or any local LA folk who enjoy a good wedge (or entire block) of fine cheese. Even if you dislike everything else about Beverly Hills or have any bad perceptions of it, toss aside those negative thoughts about the land of Donna Martin and the Real Housewives – the cheese store is here for you!

So – this place rocks. It makes the cheese counter at Whole Foods look like a meager selection. 


I mean this place has it’s own Wikipedia.

But really. Eat your heart out:

The owner and cheese expert himself, Norbert, helped me find the right cheese and wine to bring to my friend who was hosting me in Venice Beach. Norbert led me to some sinfully good Ribera del Duero wine and some Manchego cheese. I am partial to all things spanish anyways. Javier Bardem anyone? Jamon Serrano? Shakira’s baby daddy? If you haven’t seen him – you should google image away. Even if you aren’t obsessed with all things spanish, this manchego cheese and Ribera del Duero red combo was divine. 


I order all you cheese lovers and wine-o’s around the country to go to LA and run to The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills. You will not be disappointed. Plus for an added bonus you might run into Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne shopping for cheese 🙂 



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