Transported to Italy…deep in the heart of Texas


ImageZio Cecio

So you know how Texas is known for Mexican food (aka TexMex)? Well I’m here to tell you that they do Italian food pretty darn well y’all. Can someone feed Texas-native Matthew McConaughey some of this delicious Italian food stat? Because he is still looking scary skinny. I just want to see him looking like he does in those shirtless photos from his Failure to Launch days ASAP. 

So ZIO CECIO is a local neighborhood spot in Dallas. It is located in the Briarwood neighborhood, surrounded by small local businesses and family homes. This understated little taverna packs a punch! Everything was fresh and authentic and incredibly tasty. I have been to Italy numerous times and have eaten quite a bit of Italian food around the country. This place is special. I love that the menu items are named in Italian and nothing on the menu is “americanized italian”. To start, the octopus was out of this world – and it was in a red sauce – which I normally don’t eat with octopus. It was so fresh I think it came from 20,00 leagues under the sea.Image

POLPO ALLE SPEZIE AL CARBONE – aka Tenderized octopus grilled with spicy tomato sauce

My dining companions and I shared multiple items – in honor of the Italian way of life – sharing and eating a lot of different dishes. Won’t complain about that. See below all of the fresh dishes – from the chicken to the mussels to the pasta to the pizza – to see just how this restaurant combats the fast-food-nation reputation of the great state of Texas. ImagePETTO DI GALLO AI FUNGHI – aka Chicken with wild mushrooms


COZZE AGLI AGRUMI E VINELLO – aka Mussels in citrus and white wine


MEZZELUNA ALLA FONDUTA DI PISTACCHIO – aka Ravioli filled with seafood and Ricotta in a pistachio cream sauce


Margherita – aka Tomato, mozzarella and basil pizza

I am reliving the food coma I was given by this meal but I would do it over again tomorrow.



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