The trendiest middle eastern restaurant in manhattan…and the food tastes good too!


Ilili is a hot spot. No question about it. When you walk into the restaurant, located on 28th and 5th near Madison Sq. Park, you can easily be in a Sex and the City episode. You could definitely find at least a dozen Mr. Big finance types here on any given after-work night…if you’re into that. (I judge)

This Lebanese hot spot with a great vibe is a smash hit. The lighting and open room with light wood paneling and nicely spaced tables makes for a airy environment in the main room. The back room is filled with closely aligned tables that definitely remind me of dining in a tight space in Barcelona, Beirut, or really any Mediterranean coastal city.

The food. It is authentic, well-portioned, and mighty flavorful. The grape leaves were filled with flavor from the parsley and tomato oils. ImageROLLED GRAPE LEAVES

The tabbouleh salad was also on point. Authentic and fresh…and your mom would be pleased you ate your vegetables! Well sort of seeing as tabbouleh salad is chopped parsley and tomato salad.ImageTABBOULEH SALAD


Anyone reading this like alcohol? Like black licorice? The two combined = genius. I like black licorice, so I think it is da 

This magical concoction is called Arak and it has mystical properties to it that could solve any problem. Well, maybe not the problem of Justin Bieber being Justin Bieber. 

BUT on a serious note this amazing-healing-wondrous anise-based alcohol has holistic powers. FOR REAL.

Go here and let your inner child drink some Arak aka alcoholic liquid that tastes like Good N Plenty candy.

Instructions: drink good n plenty of the Arak but be prepared for the magical power of this (STRONG) drink. Cheers!

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