The Mermaid Inn: Manhattan Staple…Only thing missing is a dinglehopper


“Under the sea”…actually in a back-room-indoor-courtyard-oasis with dim lighting and filled with smiles. Happy customers at this East Village stronghold. Who knew Manhattanites could be this happy eating seafood on a freezing winter night.  


My friends and I were a bit overwhelmed by the options. So cliche, a group of women who can’t decide on what to eat because everything on the menu looks good. We knew we wanted to start out with oysters, but we got into a debate over East vs. West Coast oysters. Can you say first world problems? Luckily we returned to our senses. 

So the waiter helped us create a beautiful combination of East and West Coast oysters, and let’s just say they looked pretty on the plate for a whole 3 minutes – before they were devoured.

If you don’t want to bug your waiter to help you order or you’re just so into the convenience of your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad, and want to use it at dinner, there is an Oysterpedia app that The Mermaid Inn created. OK so this is definitely a first world problem in more ways than one. But, I must say it is pretty genius and seems like it could be useful. 

The oysters were great, and even though I liked the East Coast ones A LOT –  my blog name is the EAST COAST food blogger after all – the West Coast oysters were incredible.

The true highlight of my meal was the main course. Even though I generally find all things to come out of New England a bit annoying – OK just the Patriots and Tom Brady – I ordered the lobster roll. It was pretty much everything and more than you can ask from a lobster roll. Oh and it came with Old Bay seasoned fries. #yesplease

photo-3 lobster roll at The Mermaid Inn – Photo Credit: Gotham Magazine’s best lobster rolls in NYC article 

This lobster roll was included on a list of the best lobster rolls in the city. The fact that this list exists makes me want to try all of them and see for myself. It will be hard to top this one from The Mermaid Inn.

I loved the company I was with, the ambience in the nautical indoor courtyard space, the lobster roll, and last-but-not-least the complimentary dessert. Literal “icing on the cake”.

They give you chocolate pudding cups (which they also give you at the sister restaurant Mermaid Oyster Bar which I have also dined at). In addition to these bite-sized, perfectly portioned pudding cups, you get a fish fortune. A plastic fish that moves when placed in your palm and tells you what you are feeling. According to my fish fortune I was feeling passionate, but one of my dining companions was feeling envious according to her fish. HMM. 

Imagefish fortune and chocolate pudding

A pleasant , happy, tasty meal. I mean anywhere with oysters + lobster + free dessert… can you say happiness?

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