Who’s kitchen? Hu Kitchen…Humans that is.


Oh, New York. On a rainy, wintry-mix kind of Saturday morning, over the long MLK weekend, I had the pleasure of experiencing Hu Kitchen near Union Square. This ‘straunt , as one of my good friends likes to say, is located directly across from the rust-colored New School building (or in simpler terms 14th and 5th).

ImageThe day…

In New York City one can encounter any cuisine they are searching for…you want some South African food for lunch? No problem you have multiple options…are you dying for Serbian food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? I mean, honestly who isn’t? Are you over-the-moon about Barbadian food? You can get Barbadian or barbaric food, whatever you prefer, whenever you want in NYC. What I’m getting at is that you have so many options in New York City, and Hu Kitchen clearly demonstrates that eating in New York is like nowhere else, and other cities should start taking notes…yesterday. Hu Kitchen is a Paleo friendly, entirely Gluten-Free, mostly grain-free casual restaurant. You may be asking what is Paleo…just think about how Ross on Friends was a paleontologist…and the Paleolithic Period you studied in school…well if you don’t catch on yet, it is a back-to-the-roots diet focused on pre-industrial foods. I’m going to event a term to describe just how food-allergy friendly Hu Kitchen is…it is basically-everything-friendly.

I went to Hu Kitchen to grab brunch with some friends, and one of the friends just happened to be following the Paleo diet. I am so pleasantly surprised by my experience at Hu Kitchen. I was so pleased with my meal that I didn’t even notice that there was no cheese involved in my delicious breakfast bowl. That’s right…I didn’t even miss having cheese in this tasty concoction.Image

My breakfast bowl had a root vegetable mash base and a sunny side up egg  and vegetable medley on top. I also had some sweet potato hash which was incredible. In addition to the delectable breakfast bowl and sweet potato hash, my friend and I shared the freshest of the fresh carrot-apple-ginger juice. If i’m ever not really hungry (slim chance), I will come by Hu Kitchen just to grab a fresh juice. The fruits and veggies at the juice bar were of such good quality and were displayed attractively; it really made you want to order a juice. AND that is saying something…Image

They also have Paleo-friendly baked goods, packaged gluten-free granola and more…all of which looked incredibly (and surprisIngly) appetizing. 


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