French Pantry: You are NOT what the French call les incompetents


I lunched at French Pantry in Jacksonville, FL a few days ago. From the outside and parking lot surroundings this place looks like somewhere Carrie Mathison would look for Abu Nazir on an episode of Homeland. But when you arrive to the charming awning in front, often filled with a long line of hungry worker bees on lunch break, you know the delicious food is waiting inside.


This place is usually packed. I mean people even wait in the piping heat with their umbrellas. Who knew people used umbrellas for heat…other than the occasional Malaysian tourists in Europe. I digress.

The food is incredible at French Pantry. On this particular occasion I decided to throw my caution to the wind and avoid just getting a salad. Went all in and pulled a Regina George carbo-load (sort of) – much better than Kalteen bar carbs though. My friend and I ordered two different types of the bruschetta dishes that are lunch entrees at the French Pantry. They have 4 types of entree-sized bruschetta. Who knew you could do so much with bruschetta? 

So I have to be honest here – I have never disliked any dish that involved prosciutto. The prosciutto – artichoke – buffalo mozzarella bruschetta dish was intoxicating.

french pntry 

I am not done talking about bruschetta yet – I am at a loss for words at how tasty this next bruschetta dish was, and it was a vegetarian dish!


The eggplant-red pepper-goat cheese bruschetta knocked it outta’ the park. I love eggplant, especially my mom’s homemade eggplant, but this was honestly one of the best preparations of eggplant around. It seemed as though they broiled the eggplant in magical olive oil. The combination of the eggplant, red peppers, and goat cheese was perfect, with a proportionate flavor distribution. Somebody back in the French Pantry kitchen knows their food fractions. Nerd alert. 

All in all my friend and I were in heaven eating these two types of bruschetta. Dessert looked amazing and I think I will have to make a meal out of the pastries and cakes at French Pantry sometime soon.

STAY TUNED – the dessert-as-a-meal at French Pantry will happen. 

Photo Credit: Yelp and Urbanspoon

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