Ever Wonder…What Do They Eat at the Golden Globes?


Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences' Governors Awards - ArrivalsSo the Golden Globes took place tonight – the fun loving, alcoholic little sister to the Oscars. Do you ever wonder what the A-list film stars and B-list TV actor filled tables are filled with…do you have the burning desire to find out what Matthew McConaughey ate (or didn’t) as his Globes meal? Even if you don’t have these questions roaring in the back of your mind, I have the answers.

The Golden Globes menu featured some delectable goods – so delectable that I wonder just how many of the juice-diet-only and/or macrobiotic celebs actually ate at the fete. Here is what was on the menu at 2014 Golden Globe Awards, according to CBS News:

  •  appetizer trio of grilled eggplant with sundried tomato and pine nut hummus on seared tomato
  • mini sweet pepper with feta cheese, pomegranate, herbs and California olive oil on grilled pita
  • grilled artichoke on multigrain tabbouleh and tahini
  • Mediterranean spice-crusted braised beef short rib
  • sauteed smoked filet of Atlantic sea trout with spinach sweet corn ragout and light cream of tomato dill sauce
  •  mango dessert on almond sponge cake with creme anglaise

Bottles of Moet champagne were flowing but the crowd kept it classy and didn’t pull any champagne-filled Wolf of Wall Street style antics. That I know of. 

On a parting note – can we talk about how amazing the seat assignments were? Yes, we can. Meryl and Julia sitting next to each other is everything. Not to mention Bradley Cooper sitting next to J.Law yet again – no comment necessary…

I guess it’s fine that Christian Bale missed tonight’s meal, given that he had quite the santa stomach in American Hustle. Hopefully he has been bouncing into shape via cardio-dancing Newsies’ style. Wishful thinking. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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